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Why Sealcoat Asphalt?

1. The number one problem that asphalt has is the sun.  The  sun oxidizes the asphalt and it ends up broken and crumbling

4. A freshly sealcoated driveway or parking lot has lots of curb appeal. It looks nice and will be much easier to clean. Sealcoat will dry to a midnight black.

Our sealcoat product is made by the neyra company. We add further enhancements to the sealer to make it more resilient to power steering marks and it makes the sealer dry harder and look midnight black in appearance.  


Our application process is the same with a 1,000 square foot driveway or a 100,000 square foot parking lot. We walk the property to see what needs to be done  (cracks filled, cleaning and vegetation removal). If there are cracks to be filled, we start the melter and start the cleaning process. We clean the cracks that need to be filled we take care of any loose dirt and trim any vegetation that needs trimming. After initial cleaning the process continues with blowing down the pavement and blowing out the cracks. We then hot crack fill the cracks and start cutting in by hand around any objects (walk ways, stone walls, garage doors etc) and at last spray the driveway with sealcoat. We take care at the end of the driveway were it meets the street, a nice straight line. Last we block the newly seal coated pavement off with caution tape or ribbon.


3. Petroleum products, oil, gas and diesel are hard on asphalt. The problem exist when oil, gas and diesel are left on pavement to long and not absorbed up or a constant drip is not stopped. These problems will soften the asphalt and the asphalt will crumble.

Hot Crack Fill

Sealcoating Seal Coating Driveway Maintenance in Andover

2. Weather is next on the list. Water will erode asphalt through cracks and broken asphalt. Freezing temps heaves the pavement and makes small cracks large and larger cracks big problems.